Quality Policy Statement

“BETA 1 FILTERS is committed to ensuring the handling, storage, transport, and distribution of products are conducted in a safe, legal manner to maintain product integrity and exceed customer requirements. This is accomplished by maintaining an effective Quality Management System, always committing to continuous improvement and by striving to meet or exceed set quality objectives”.


“BETA 1 FILTERS is a trusted partner providing unparalleled and knowledgeable customer service. In a time where people use websites to find information and learn, BETA 1 FILTERS wants to add personal service back into business.”


“To be the leader in providing highly process-driven warehousing, distribution, sales, service and synchronous manufacturing support solutions to clients through a culture built on the relentless pursuit of perfection, operational excellence, continuous improvement, and a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and employee safety."


Integrity – Act honestly, ethically, and legally.
Quality – Offer reliable, efficient, and dependable solutions.
Collaboration – Work with stakeholders for productive and creative outcomes. Strong Relationships– Importance of understanding the needs of our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.
Trust – Never failing to deliver on our promise and exceed customer expectations.
Safety – Ensuring a safe working environment.