Air Filters

Beta 1 Filters offers a wide range of air filters for the automotive, heavy equipment, industrial, and manufacturing industries. Solid and liquid forms of contamination exist in the atmosphere and must be removed for your equipment to function properly and not deteriorate prematurely.

Air-Oil Separators are designed to remove oil aerosols from compressed air streams in order to maintain equipment performance. Oil vapors that escape from the compressor engine into the air line may compromise subsequent components. Because our separator line comes in an array of styles, including traditional wrap, deep filter, pleated, and spin-on varieties, Beta 1 is able to provide you a number of different alternatives.

Refrigeration & Natural Gas Separators take gases besides air (such as natural gas, ammonia, and Freon) which are compressed and combined with lubricating oil, this oil must still be removed before the gas can be used. Standard oil separator design is not adequate for this purpose; instead, inorganic materials must be carefully selected and used.

Coalescing Filters are used downstream to remove water and contaminates in compressed air with a removal efficiency of up to 99.99% of.01 micron in size. This is essential in both "Oil-Free" or "Oil-Flooded" machines to prevent an accumulation of debris after the compressed air condenses and cools.

Compressed Air Filters are vital because compressed air is the a main power source in industrial applications because it is energy efficient, easy to use and an inexpensive power source. Proper filtration will ensure that you do not lose pressure or experience early equipment failure.

Air Intake Filters remove the contaminates from the oxygen being pulled into your engine. A dirty intake filter will increase engine strain and decrease fuel efficiency.

Cabin Air Filters are utilized to remove a wide range of contaminates from the air that enters through the ventilation system and circulates within the cabin. Changing your cabin air filter helps and maintains the quality of air in your vehicle. Choosing a carbon cabin air filter allows for the additional removal of odors and gases.

Dust Collectors are used during a production process and are utilized to filter out harmful particles that will pollute the atmosphere or working environment. Once filtered the cleaned air or gas is then returned to the environment or back into the workplace. Depending on the industry and application, they are available in various configurations such as bag filters, wet scrubbers, inertial separators, and cartridge-style filters.

Please use our extensive cross reference to search for a part number or use our unknown filter inquiry form if you don't know what it is, but need help to identify it.

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