Oil Filters

Anywhere there is heavy equipment, generators, or lubrication used there is a need for lube oil filters. Beta 1 Filters can offer a large selection of cartridge and spin-on style oil filters to suit all your needs.

These hard-working filters are sometimes the most overlooked and when they become clogged, the volume of oil passing through the filter is greatly reduced and can cause significant damage.

Oil Filters can be used for various applications depending on where the filter is located in your system. You will find different filtration medias such as cellulose, microglass, and wire mesh, as well as different micron ratings. Over the years some oil filters have been engineered to be able to remove metal particles with magnets or centrifugal force to separate particles from the oil.

Please use our extensive cross reference to search for a part number or use our unknown filter inquiry form if you don't know what it is, but need help to identify it.

Oil Filter