Fuel Filters

Designed and manufactured to protect injectors, carburetors, and diesel or internal combustion gas engines from debris, rust, and water that can cause damage to the overall system.

Dependent on your engine there are various types of fuel filter that can be used.

Primary Fuel Filters are common in diesel systems on the vacuum side and is less restrictive and captures mostly larger contaminants.

Secondary Filter is on the pressure side of the fuel pump and captures smaller contaminants than the primary.

Canister Fuel Filters have a small element built into a plastic or metal shell. The entire filter needs to be removed and disposed of when being changed.

Cartridge Fuel Filters are used when a permanent housing is in place. Now that so much emphasis is being placed on environmental concerns cartridge filters a preferred choice because only the element needs to be replaced.

Spin-On Fuel Filters mount on threads in the engine compartment. They are far simpler and quicker to replace. Many passenger vehicles only have spin-on fuel filters.

Inline Fuel Filters are installed on the fuel line from the gas tank to the engine and are located underneath a vehicle. Like the cartridge filter, a small element is contained inside a metal or plastic canister with an inlet and outlet side and mounted with brackets.

In-Take Fuel Filters as implied by the name are installed in the gas tank which makes them difficult to access however they do have a long lifespan.

Beta 1 Filters can supply you with wide variety of sizes and configurations from a small in-line to a 6 x 36” cartridge element.

Please use our extensive cross reference to search for a part number or use our unknown filter inquiry form if you don't know what it is, but need help to identify it.

Fuel Filter