Fuel Filters

Dirty fuel is a common issue, but it doesn't have to be a problem for your equipment. Our fuel filters are not just another solution! They are the Ultimate Defense ensuring that you always have clean fuel.

By intercepting contaminants, they protect against premature wear and tear, keeping your engines running smoothly.

Fuel Dispensing

Beta 1 Filters, your authorized distributor of Cim-Tek Filtration and a member of PEI, offers a complete range of high-performance fuel filtration solutions. Our UL Certified filters ensure clean fuel for all equipment, from heavy machinery to gas stations. Trust in Beta 1 Filters to improve your equipment performance and save you money.

As equipment and engines become more sophisticated and expensive they require cleaner fuel to operate efficiently. The rise of additives and fuel blends, such as biodiesel and ULSD, makes advanced filtration even more critical.

Cim-Tek filters feature advanced media options designed to remove contaminants like water, rust, and bacteria, ensuring superior protection for your equipment no matter what fuel you are filtering. We have replacement filters for all major fuel filter brands, mounting adaptors, tank sampler kits and other accessories to help with your fuel cleanliness and maintenance.

Our filters go beyond basic filtration! High-performance media ensures your fuel and equipment receive the advanced protection they need. With our partnership with Cim-Tek Filtration, Beta 1 Filters is committed to maintaining your machinery's performance and extend its lifespan with the best filtration technology available.

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