Filter Frequently Asked Questions

A micron is short for micrometer, one-millionth (0.000001) of one meter. There are 1,000 microns in a millimeter and 10,000 microns in a centimeter. 40 to 50 microns are the smallest that are still visible to the human eye. 20 to 25 micron is the size of a white blood cell and talcum power is around 10 micron, bacteria is 3 micron. The smaller the micron the smaller the size.

A beta ratio is determined from a multi-pass test that is performed on a filter to determine the efficiency of the micron rating. Beta Ratio 2 is 50% efficient, 75 is 98.70%, 200 is 99.50%, 1000 is 99.90% and 2000 means the filter 99.95%. Simply put, β10=1000 means the filter media removes 99.90% of particles 10 micron and larger.

It is how much a dirt or contamination an element can retain before it becomes clogged and must be replaced.

Is a test that is used to determine the beta ratio, micron rating and dirt holding capacity of a filter element.

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Higher MERV ratings, means smaller particles are captured. Residential furnace filters range from Merv 8 to 13.

When you are performing your routine maintenance according to your equipment manual. However, if you notice a loss of power or decrease in pressure check your filter.

Yes, we can provide replacement elements for most popular housings.