Water Filters

Water Filtration Systems are utilized to remove contaminants, particulate, and pollutants from water. For a system to be considered a water filtration system, it must be designed to remove any quantity of particles, contaminants, bacteria, and chlorine taste.

The filtering system is also used to eliminate particle matter such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungus, as well as undesirable chemical and biological pollutants, in order to create clean and safe water for medicinal and pharmaceutical purposes.

Water filters are utilized in a variety of applications, including agricultural irrigation, effluent treatment facilities, aquariums, readily available potable water, and swimming pools.

For the best results, change your water filters every 6 months. However, if you notice a decrease in flow rate or pressure, or any odd flavor or smell, you should change your filter quickly and evaluate your system configuration.

Beta 1 Filters provides potable and industrial water filters in a wide variety of microns and media such as string wound and melt blown microfiber.

Water Filter